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Testing and Compliance of your Network Devices

Network devices represent one of the core pillars of IoT, enabling the smart “things” to connect and communicate with each other. This is why, disturbing the performance or availability of such devices would represent a major impact on our society. Considering this, it is understandable the reason why cyber criminals are targeting these type of network elements, in order to launch attack which will affect a large number of people.

From a cybersecurity point of view, most of these devices are medium and high risk targets. Making use of relevant standards through the whole life cycle of a device is a good way of controlling these risks. Moreover, demonstrating compliance with particular relevant standards could significantly reduce the effort for satisfying market specific regulations. Secura can support you with various state of the art compliance and certification services.

Network Devices Testing

Secura can provide compliance services in line with the relevant security publications addressing the domain of network devices. The offered compliance services are presented below:

Network devices penetration testing

Secura can provide independent penetration testing services for your network products - being them either for personal use or professional use.

Network Devices Certification

Certification allows to put official recognition on the results of an assessment for your product. Secura can support you with certification services for your IoT product based on the following schemes. Our possible certification schemes are listed bellow, with Common Criteria, IEC 62443 and BSPA being state of the art certification solutions for your products.

Common Criteria and EU CC

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized security assessment and certification methodology. Common Criteria certificates are mutually recognized across continents, including most of EU, USA, Asia, Australia, UK, etc.

Secura can support with Common Criteria evaluations, under the Dutch Common Criteria scheme NSCIB or the EU CC scheme

IEC 62443 (IECEE)

The IECEE scheme operates based on the IEC 62443 cybersecurity standards, allowing the evaluation of the medical devices, integrated systems or secure development processes. For components and systems, IEC 62443-4-2 and IEC 62443-3-3 can be used, while IEC 62443-4-1 can be used for the certification of development processes. Secura, in collaboration with its partner IECEE Certification Bodies, can support you in this process.


The BSPA scheme provides an effective, time bound (25 person days) way of assessing and certifying the security of your products. The scheme operates as a light version of Common Criteria. Moreover, the BSPA scheme grants the necessary recognition to allow a manufacturer to collaborate with Dutch governmental institutions for placing its products.

How we support you

Secura helps large and medium sized organizations all over Europe raise their cyber resilience. We know the importance of testing and certification of network devices. Secura is part of the Bureau Veritas Group, a listed company and world leader in testing, inspection and certification services.

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