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Be Prepared for the Annual DigiD Audit

Does your organization use DigiD for the identification and authentication of citizens? Then you have to comply to the mandatory annual inspection by a Register EDP Auditor (RE).

Secura has audit teams with substantive knowledge and experience that can carry out your DigiD Assessments under the guidance of REs. With Secura's wide range of digital security services, all necessary audit work and technical tests on the web applications that use DigiD are in one hand.


Secura offers you various services to comply with the mandatory requirements
security guidelines of Logius. These are:

  • Pre-Audit DigiD to prepare you optimally for the formal DigiD Assessment.
  • The annual audit, to be performed by a Register EDP auditor (RE).
  • The technical tests (mandatory in the assessment) on the web applications that use DigiD;
    • Periodic vulnerability scans on the DigiD infrastructure;
    • Periodic tests on the web applications accessed with DigiD;
  • A TPM DigiD assessment for third parties involved in the provision of services for the web application that uses DigiD;

These services can be purchased separately or in combination. Especially in the combination of these services will make the impact of the DigiD audit process one for you minimized and you limit the risk of shortcomings that may arise join the formal DigiD assessment. Moreover Secura can also perform the ENSIA and Suwinet audit for you.

Attention: Expanded DIGID Audit Starting 2023

The Ministry of the Interior (BZK) has decided that DigiD assessments must also test the 'functioning' of control measures. In this document, we explain what this change entails and what the implications are for your organization.

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Download our fact sheet on the DigiD Assessment Service


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Changes in DIGID Audits and the Consequences for Your Organization.



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