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Have your smart consumer products tested and certified against international standards like IEC 62443, ETSI EN 303 645, BSPA or Common Criteria with Secura's IoT cybersecurity services.

Cybersecurity for Smart Consumer Products

As the Internet of Things (IoT) - think devices like your smart fridge or Alexa - keeps growing, it's bringing new chances to do cool things, but also new problems.

In this changing world, it's really important to think about security threats right from the start when designing these devices. With so many "smart" devices that connect easily and make our lives better, it's super important to keep these IoT devices safe. They are like doors between the big wide Internet and our personal networks at home, which makes them a tempting target for bad guys who want to sneak in and steal valuable stuff.

At Secura, we understand how important cybersecurity is in the IoT world. We keep up with the latest news and changes in standards, rules, and certifications. Our team of experts believes that we can make IoT security better by following widely accepted standards and goals.

To help IoT makers protect their products and networks, we have a complete list of recommended IoT security tests and certification services. When you work with Secura, you get the best solutions that not only follow the rules but also provide strong protection against new threats.

Together, we can build a secure and strong IoT system that makes users feel safe and sets new records for cybersecurity in our fast-moving digital age. Come join us in this mission, and let's make the future of IoT secure together.

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Testing Services for Consumer Products

Secura can provide compliance services in line with the relevant security publications addressing the domain of IoT products. The offered compliance services are presented below.

Compliance service for testing

ETSI EN 303 645

The ETSI EN 303 645 represents and European Norm, being an effective way of validating your product’s security against a recognized baseline of security requirements.

Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

RED compliance will be mandatory for all consumer devices that feature a radio communication interface. Secura can support with assessing the security capabilities of the product in line with the applicable requirements from the RED

Cyber Resilience Act (CRA)

The EU CRA is the mandatory EU level regulation for market access of consumer devices. Secura can evaluate the compliance of products in line with the security requirements in the EU CRA.


Secura is a recognized party for providing the compliance service against the GSMA IoT Security Checklist. This state of the art guideline addresses the security of your product, as well as its interactions with the supply chain.

IoT Security Foundation

Secura is a recognized party for providing compliance services in line with the IoT Security Foundation Framework. Compliance with this publication can be showcased by making use of the “Best Practice User” mark for your product.

Certification of Consumer Products

Certification allows to put official recognition on the results of an assessment for your product. Secura can support you with certification services for your IoT product based on the following schemes.

Certification service

ETSI EN 303 645

Secura is a recognized partner for offering IoT certification in line with ETSI EN 303 645. ETSI EN 303 645 certification will be the basis for upcoming EU level certification for consumer devices

Common Criteria and EU CC

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized security assessment and certification methodology. Common Criteria certificates are mutually recognized across continents, including most of EU, USA, Asia, Australia, UK, etc.

Secura can support with Common Criteria evaluations, under the Dutch Common Criteria scheme NSCIB or under the EU CC scheme.


The BSPA scheme provides an effective, time bound (25 person days) way of assessing and certifying the security of your products. The scheme operates as a light version of Common Criteria. Moreover, the BSPA scheme grants the necessary recognition to allow a manufacturer to collaborate with Dutch governmental institutions for placing its products.

How we support you

Secura helps large and medium sized organizations all over Europe raise their cyber resilience. We know the importance of cybersecurity for smart consumer products. Our testing and certification services raise the cyber resilience of IoT consumer products.

Secura is part of the Bureau Veritas Group, a listed company and world leader in testing, inspection and certification services.

Fact Sheets & White Papers


ETSI EN 303 645 Fact Sheet

Overview of ETSI EN 303 645 and our services.


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Overview of Common Criteria and our services.


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Overview of our IoT security testing and certification services.


Common Criteria Implementation Guide

Key concepts of Common Criteria and Requirements.


Consumer IoT Standards and Certification White Paper

What are the best options for your products?


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Secura is a leading cybersecurity expert. Our customers range from government and healthcare to finance and industry worldwide. Secura offers technical services, such as vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and red teaming. We also provide certification for IoT and industrial environments, as well as audits, forensic services and awareness training. Our goal is to raise your cyber resilience.

Secura is a Bureau Veritas company. Bureau Veritas (BV) is a publicly listed company specialized in testing, inspection and certification. BV was founded in 1828, has over 80.000 employees and is active in 140 countries. Secura is the cornerstone of the cybersecurity strategy of Bureau Veritas.