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The IoT domain is increasing at an accelerating speed across existing verticals, while at the same time expanding and interconnecting with new domains. In this dynamic environment, security threats need to be addressed structurally and simultaneously from an early design stage.

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As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a more and more popular concept, the market gets gradually populated with so called “smart” devices. These devices offer possibilities of connectivity (directly to the Internet or to other “smart” devices), thus enhancing their performance capabilities as well as the user experience. Because of this interconnectivity aspect, IoT products can also be seen as gateways between the public space (the Internet) and the personal networks of the end users. Considering this, it is easy to see why attacking a weak IoT product would be an attractive and easy way of getting access into a network, thus being able to access all the assets inside the network.

Secura is actively involved in the domain of IoT security and up-to-date with all the developments concerning standards, regulations and certifications. Our specialists strongly believe that IoT security can be better addressed by relying on internationally recognized requirements and metrics. Secura has therefore compiled a list of recommended IoT security testing and certification services.


Secura can provide compliance services in line with the relevant security publications addressing the domain of IoT products. The offered compliance services are presented below.

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IoT Security Foundation

IoT Security Foundation

Secura is a recognized party for providing compliance services in line with the IoT Security Foundation Framework. Compliance with this publication can be showcased by making use of the “Best Practice User” mark for your product.



Secura is a recognized party for providing the compliance service against the GSMA IoT Security Checklist. This state of the art guideline addresses the security of your product, as well as its interactions with the supply chain.

ETSI EN 303 645


The ETSI EN 303 645 represents and European Norm, being an effective way of validating your product’s security against a recognized baseline of security requirements.

Secura IoT Security Framework


In order to provide a flexible approach to the manufacturers, Secura has developed its own testing framework, based on state of the art security guidelines such as IoT security Foundation, IEC 62443, GSMA or OWASP. Testing your product against the requirements of the framework allows manufacturers to select the depth of testing, thus perfectly addressing their needs.


Certification allows to put official recognition on the results of an assessment for your product. Secura can support you with certification services for your IoT product based on the following schemes.



The BSPA scheme provides an effective, time bound (25 person days) way of assessing and certifying the security of your products. The scheme operates as a light version of Common Criteria. Moreover, the BSPA scheme grants the necessary recognition to allow a manufacturer to collaborate with Dutch governmental institutions for placing its products.

Common Criteria

Common Criteria

Common Criteria is an internationally recognized security assessment and certification methodology. Common Criteria certificates are mutually recognized across continents, including most of EU, USA, Asia, Australia, UK, etc.

Secura can support with Common Criteria evaluations, under the Dutch Common Criteria scheme NSCIB.

BV IoT certification


Secura is a recognized partner for offering IoT evaluation services in line with the BV IoT Labelling scheme. The scheme is based on the ETSI EN 303 645 standard, and will result in an official label for your product.

Fact sheets

ETSI EN 303 645

Overview of ETSI EN 303 645 and our services.

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Common Criteria

Overview of Common Criteria and our services.

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IoT Security Testing and Certification

Overview of our IoT security testing and certification services.

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White papers

Implementation Guide Common Criteria for Software and Embedded Products

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Consumer IoT Standards and Certification

What are the best options for your products?

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