How to comply with NIS2?

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How to comply with NIS2

Many CISO's and Board room members come to us with questions about how to comply with cybersecurity laws and regulations like NIS2. In an era characterized by digital transformation and cyber threats, adherence to cybersecurity legislation has never been more critical.

NIS2 requires organizations to demonstrate a thorough, risk-based implementation of cybersecurity measures. However, the specifics of how to do this can vary considerably from sector to sector.

At Secura, we're committed to helping your organization comply with applicable law. Contact us for more information.

Understanding the Legislative Requirements

NIS2 sets a high-level framework for cybersecurity. But how can organizations interpret these regulations in practical terms? For Dutch government entities, the BIO (Baseline Information Security Government) could be used, while industrial sectors could refer to standards such as IEC 62443.

It's important to remember that only a court or regulator can definitively assess compliance. Consulting firms like Secura can help determine the applicable standards, interpret them, and identify which measures to implement.

How we support you

Secura helps large and medium sized organizations all over Europe raise their cyber resilience. We know the importance of compliance with law and regulations, like NIS2. Check out our NIS2 Services:

  1. NIS2 Boardroom Training: Directors learn key cybersecurity risks in one day. It's a joint effort by De Clercq Lawyers and Secura.
  2. NIS2 Gap Assessment (Security Maturity): We check your current cybersecurity status. We then guide you on how to meet NIS2 standards.
  3. NIS2 Implementation Service: Based on the gap analysis results, Secura helps you put NIS2 into action in your organization.


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Four-Step Compliance Approach


Step 1 - Initial Assessment

This step includes GAP assessment, and Security Maturity Assessment (SMA), designed to establish the current situation.


Step 2 - Improvement Planning

Consulting services can assist with the creation of an improvement plan that identifies priorities and practical steps towards full compliance.


Step 3 - Result Evaluation

After executing the improvement plan, the organization should evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented controls. If it yields the desired results, the organization is ready to proceed to the audit stage.


Step 4 - Conducting Audits

Regular audits against standards and frameworks should be carried out to confirm that the organization continues to comply with the evolving cybersecurity landscape. Assurance services are available to support organizations through this process.

Overall, complying with cybersecurity laws and regulations like NIS2 and DORA may seem complex and daunting, but the above steps can make the process more manageable. Organizations can leverage the expertise of cybersecurity consultants to navigate the complexities of these regulations and ensure they are adequately protecting their data and systems while meeting their legal and regulatory obligations.


The European Directive for Network and Information Systems comes into effect on October 17, 2024. Don't wait any longer and start taking action today.











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