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Effective Penetration Testing: Aligning with Threat Intelligence to Raise Cyber Resilience

Discover how modern penetration testing is evolving. Because the conventional focus on "crown jewels" might leave your organization vulnerable. Secura's Ransomware Resilience expert Paul Pols shares his vision of the pivotal role of threat intelligence.

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Compliance with any cybersecurity directive or regulation

We help you with compliance to NIS2, DORA, ISO 27001, IEC 62433, UNECE, CMMC, Common Criteria, NEN 7510, and more...

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NIS2 Self Assessment

Are you wondering if your organization must comply with the EU NIS2 Directive? Take the quick Self Assessment to find out.

Meet Us at these events

Workshop Cyber Security RAI

15:50 Keynote Speaker: Arthur Revaclier


Automotive Campus Helmond

The Netherlands

Secura Student Hacker Workshop - IPT Tracks

Hosted by Sara Busscher Corporate Recruiter at Secura




CMMC 2.0, the upcoming new cyber security norms for US DoD contractors

Webinar organized by SOFF, the Swedish organization for Defense Industry



Move Closer Please: The Shifting Relationship Between Crisis Management and Business Continuity

Speaking: Luke Fletcher, Crisis & Resilience Consultant Secura/Bureau Veritas



United Kingdom

ICSSS 2024

Speaking: Paul Pols, Cyber security expert at Secura


The Hague

The Netherlands

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Webinar | Why CMMC 2.0 is Critical for US Department of Defense Contracting Success

Join us on June 6th at 11:00 for this informative webinar on certification requirements for contractors and subcontractors of the US Department of Defense.

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Webinar on Demand | My First Red Team - DORA’s Requirements for Financials New to Red Teaming

Watch the replay of our webinar on Red Teaming for people who are new to red teaming

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Webinar on Demand | UNECE R155 regulation - How automotive suppliers are affected

Are you a vehicle manufacturer or supplier in the automotive sector? Then this webinar is for you. Because some rules of the new R155 apply to suppliers. What proof does a supplier need to give?


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Stay ahead in cybersecurity by exploring our webinar archive. It's packed with expert discussions and insights on NIS2 and more.

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