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New Ransomware Threat for Hospitals

Hospitals are targeted by a new ransomware variant, “Ransomhub,”. It starts with stolen login credentials. Read our advice on closing vulnerabilities in your systems.

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New team members at Secura - June 2024

We are happy to introduce our newest team members at Secura: Reijer van Wouderbergh, Romuald Moisan, Loc Man Tang, Berk Can Geyikci 🎉

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Gain control of your cybersecurity with Secura CyberCare

Do you lie awake at night because you are responsible for security when there is actually not enough time for this? CyberCare supports and unburdens you in the area of information security.

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CrestCon Europe 2024

Speaking: Ben Brücker on "Mastering Red Teaming in Critical Infrastructure"



United Kingdom

ICSSS 2024

Speaking: Paul Pols, Cyber security expert at Secura


The Hague

The Netherlands

Latest Webinars

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Webinar | Understanding and Complying with the RED 3.3 Directive for Products with Wireless Capabilities

Join us on June 25th at 13:30 for this informative webinar on the timeline and compliance procedure for the EU Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 3.3.

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Webinar on Demand | My First Red Team - DORA’s Requirements for Financials New to Red Teaming

Watch the replay of our webinar on Red Teaming for people who are new to red teaming

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Webinar on Demand | UNECE R155 regulation - How automotive suppliers are affected

Are you a vehicle manufacturer or supplier in the automotive sector? Then this webinar is for you. Because some rules of the new R155 apply to suppliers. What proof does a supplier need to give?


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