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Secura provides official assurance services according to the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (3000, 3402). Assurance Audits (ISAE 3000 & 3402) | DigiD Audits | ENSIA & Suwinet Audits | VIPP Audits | NVZ / NEN 7510.

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Systematically and periodically testing or auditing your processes, systems or applications: this is how you demonstrate to stakeholders that you comply with guidelines, best practices or legal requirements. We can provide an impartial opinion with our Audit and Assurance services.

We offer official assurance services in accordance with the International Standard on Assurance Engagements (3000, 3402).


Insight into current measures


Certainty on compliance


An experienced partner

Why choose Secura?

What sets Secura apart as an IT auditor? We have a wealth of knowledge in technical security aspects. Our consultants and auditors are critical thinkers who conduct real research, rather than simply ticking off a checklist.

Secura is a valuable sparring partner for your management team. We focus entirely on cybersecurity and do not conduct financial audits or annual account reviews. As a result, we are only bound by regulations from NOREA, the professional organization for IT auditors. This often makes us more flexible and allows us to conduct deeper and broader research from our expertise.

Our approach applies to various types of projects. Whether it is an audit project, Security Maturity Assessment, or supplier evaluation, we adopt the same thorough and custom approach.

What an audit gives you:

An audit provides you with an objective view of your business processes

An audit measures the impact of your improvement initiatives and projects

An audit informs stakeholders: management, supervisors, customers, and supply chain partners

An audit helps demonstrate compliance

An audit is a powerful tool for due diligence in mergers and acquisitions


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Our Audit & Assurance Services

Assurance Audits (ISAE 3000 & 3402)

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Assurance Audits are professional assessment services where audits are conducted according to internationally accepted audit standards for assurance, such as ISAE 3000, ISAE 3402, and SOC2.

BIO Compliance

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The Baseline Informatiebeveiliging Overheid is applicable for information security within all Dutch government organizations and stakeholders.

DigiD Audits

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DigiD is used to identify and authenticate nearly 14 million citizens to government, healthcare, and even other organizations' web applications. The government takes many actions in securing DigiD, including an annual audit by an RE (Registered EDP Auditor).


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Municipalities have access to a lot of data from citizens. In addition to BIO Compliance and the annual DigiD audit, they must also comply with ENSIA & SUWINET.

VIPP Audits

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Hospitals and medical facilities possess a lot of personal data. The Acceleration Program for Information Exchange Patient and Professional (VIPP) aims for hospitals in The Netherlands to digitize in order to make healthcare safer, more patient-oriented, and more efficient.

NVZ / NEN 7510

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Hospitals have information security, high on their agenda. The Dutch Association of Hospitals (NVZ) and the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centers (NFU) want to implement a sector-wide quality improvement to at least the level of the NEN 7510 standard.


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Secura is a leading cybersecurity expert. Our customers range from government and healthcare to finance and industry worldwide. Secura offers technical services, such as vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and red teaming. We also provide certification for IoT and industrial environments, as well as audits, forensic services and awareness training. Our goal is to raise your cyber resilience.

Secura is a Bureau Veritas company. Bureau Veritas (BV) is a publicly listed company specialized in testing, inspection and certification. BV was founded in 1828, has over 80.000 employees and is active in 140 countries. Secura is the cornerstone of the cybersecurity strategy of Bureau Veritas.