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Security Awareness & Behavior [SAFE]

Fortunately, we have seen growing attention for the human side of information security in recent years. The penny has dropped; we are not yet completely safe with attention to technology and processes only. What needs to be done to make employees as resilient as possible?

Changing behavior

Our vision goes beyond traditional awareness campaigns. After all, practice has shown that the effect of such campaigns is often limited. Awareness campaigns focus on sending knowledge, while people are driven by more than knowledge. In other words; there is a gap between awareness and behavior: knowing what you should do is not the same as actually acting accordingly!

Awareness is indeed important for effective protection against human error, but not the end goal. That is why Secura developed the SAFE program, which is aimed at bridging the gap between awareness and behavior. The goal of SAFE is therefore to achieve actual behavioral change.

SAFE program explained

1. Focus on safe behavior as end goal
2. Combine cybersecurity and psychology
3. Focus on all factors of behavior
4. Measure what your employees need for safe behavior
5. Match the specific needs of your employees by tailored interventions

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Fact sheets

SAFE Program Fact sheet

Reduce the Human Risk in Cybersecurity

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SAFE Program Presentation

Presentation by Bureau Veritas

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