Phishing Awareness


Phishing is the most prevalent social engineering attack that virtually every organization comes in to contact with. It is one of the biggest cybersecurity risks. That's why it is vital to understand how your workforce handles real life phishing attacks, and improve the detection and reporting rate. Let Secura help you.

Your Challenges

  • How to keep your organization alert to phishing
  • How to test and simulate the latest phishing tricks
  • How to train for improvement

Raise awareness for phishing


Test the resilience against phishing


Help your people to do the right thing with phishing mails

How we support you


Broad phishing

Broad phishing attempt of all employees with standardized scenario's for training and awareness purposes. This type is especially good to measure the progress of awareness campaigns over time.


Targeted spearphishing

Targeted spearphishing with the goal of extracting credentials from employees. The scenarios are based on OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) data collected about your organization and employees. This type of phishing service resembles a real world attacker specifically targeting your organization.


Custom phishing

Custom phishing that is specifically tailored to your needs. For example phishing with malicious office documents to emulate real world Advanced Persistent Threat groups or ransomware infection vectors.


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Secura is a leading cybersecurity expert. Our customers range from government and healthcare to finance and industry worldwide. Secura offers technical services, such as vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and red teaming. We also provide certification for IoT and industrial environments, as well as audits, forensic services and awareness training. Our goal is to raise your cyber resilience.

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