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Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VA/PT) are ways to discover weak spots in the security of your website, (mobile) application, or infrastructure. This article describes this type of security test.

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  1. Vulnerability Scan & Assessment
  2. Assessment Process
  3. Penetration Testing
  4. Difference Between Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
  5. What can be Pentested?
  6. Quality and Standards
  7. Test Methods and Penetration Test Tools
  8. Cost and Quote

With companies becoming more and more dependent on data, protecting this data is vital and often compulsory (i.e., when it comes to personal data). Authorized users access data through applications that contain business logic and security functions. If any weaknesses exist in these access layers, risks will arise to the business. In order to stay in control, it is necessary to assess the security measures by testing their effectiveness.

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Technology Background

Our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing service (also known as VA/PT) provides you with insight into the security risks of the environment in scope.

Our ethical hackers perform a security test to check the effectiveness of the implemented security measures, identify vulnerabilities and provide clear advice for improvement in a complete report with a concise management summary, an extensive risk analysis for each outcome, and recommendations on a strategic, tactical, and operational level.

Assessment Process

Secura follows a phased approach to all security assessments:

Phase 1. Preparation | Information Gathering
  • Determine a complete overview of target systems in scope
  • Designate technical & operational people
  • Define scan frequency and timing
  • Validate login details required for assessment
  • Collect information on systems

Phase 2.
Test | Analysis
  • Assess which vulnerabilities can be identified through investigation
  • Use tools and scripts developed by Secura
  • Security specialists manually check for 'false positives' in raw data and potential vulnerabilities

Phase 3.
Report | Explanation
  • Writing and reviewing the report
  • Present, discuss and review findings together with the client

Phase 4.
Optional Retest | Periodic Follow-up Scans | Delta Reports

Fact sheets

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Explains the scope, targets and technologies of Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing.

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More Information

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search Vulnerability Scan & Assessment

During a vulnerability scan & assessment, our researchers use automated tools and manual validation to give you the most complete overview of vulnerabilities in the determined target and scope, such as a website, mobile application, or IT network.

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search Penetration Testing

Discover weak spots in your security through vulnerability assessments en penetration testing.

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search Difference Between Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are two terms that are often used together and are also confused with each other. What are the differences?

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flag What Can Be Pentested?

Get to know the different technologies that you can target with pentesting in your IT security.

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verified Quality & Standards

With our history in pentesting, our team has set the standard high for the quality of our penetration tests. We use a variety of standards and best practices to make security more tangible, understandable and measurable.

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search Penetration Test Methods

Within pentesting there are several methods we can use, depending on target, scope, depth and frequency requested by the organization.

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search Penetration Test Tools

Penetration testing tools, including vulnerability scanners, play an important part in VA/PT services, but we should and do not rely on them for everything. In fact, most of the work we do is manual testing, supported by pentest tools such as Tenable Nessus Pro, Burp Suite, Sonarqube, AppScan and others.

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search Quote Vulnerability Assessment / Pentest

The cost for a vulnerability assessment and pentest depends on several factors, such as scope size, target, test method etc. The pricing for each assessment is different and the quote is therefore custom made.

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