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Vulnerability Scan & Assessment

During a vulnerability scan & assessment, our researchers use automated tools and manual validation to give you the most complete overview of vulnerabilities in the determined target and scope, such as a website, mobile application, or IT network.

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The goal of the vulnerability assessment is to give you insight into the security risks of the environment in scope. Our researchers start the process with vulnerability scanning tools to perform the initial automated scans, then validate the results manually to test the effectiveness of the current security measures, identify the weak spots and ultimately give you clear advice for improvement.

The results of the assessment are summarized in our comprehensive report explaining the found vulnerabilities, with which you can take steps to close gaps and reduce the security risks in your organization.

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Strength of Combining Vulnerability Assessment with Penetration Testing: VA/PT

Even though a vulnerability scan & assessment will give you the most complete overview of weak spots, this does not yet reveal how deep into the application or system an intruder could get by exploiting one of these vulnerabilities. Therefore, with just a vulnerability scan & assessment it is hard to find out what the real-life impact would be due to these weak spots.

Secura therefore recommends organizations to combine the vulnerability assessment with a penetration test, our VA/PT service. With the penetration test (or pentest) our ethical hackers give you a complete assessment of what the real-life consequences would be if any of these vulnerabilities were to be exploited.

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