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As the NIS2 deadline approaches, our customers are asking us more questions about this regulation. Maybe you're facing this too. Our ultimate guide to NIS2 is full of practical tips from our cybersecurity experts, to help you get started.

Questions our customers ask about NIS2

  • Does NIS2 apply to my organization?
  • Which cybersecurity measures does NIS2 request for my company and what does that mean in practice?
  • What are penalties for non-compliance?
  • My organization is ISO 27001 certified: does that mean we are ready for NIS2?
  • Where do I start to reach NIS2 compliance?

Read all about it in our in-depth NIS2 guide.

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Dirk Jan van den Heuvel

Managing Director


‘How will NIS2 impact you? This document gives you a first overview and some background information. I hope these insights will help you get underway to NIS2 compliance.’

What is NIS2?

The Network and Information Security 2 directive, or NIS2 directive, is new European legislation designed to make European organizations more resilient to cyber threats. It also aims to improve cooperation throughout the EU when it comes to cybersecurity. The directive will apply to more than 160.000 organizations in Europe.

Member States must integrate NIS2 into their national laws by the 17th of October 2024. The NIS2 directive prescribes a set of minimum security requirements. Member States might be more strict when translating the directive into national laws.

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Natascha van Duuren


De Clercq Lawyers and Notary

‘The implementation of NIS2 requires not only technical and organizational know-how, but also legal expertise. The cooperation between Secura and De Clercq can help you reach compliance in time and in all areas.’

How seriously should your organization take NIS2 compliance?

Organizations will be expected to comply with NIS2 from the 18th of October 2024. The consequences of non-compliance are more serious for essential entities than for important entities. The EU has emphasized that it will take enforcement of NIS2 more seriously than of the current NIS directive.

NIS2 introduces management liability, making upper-level management of companies accountable for non-compliance with cybersecurity obligations. The responsibility for cybersecurity measures has shifted to the highest level of organizations. This is a major change compared to the original NIS directive.


Why NIS2?

Protecting the EU from digital threats is NIS2's ultimate aim. In 2023 ENISA identified the biggest cyber threats to the EU as ransomware (accounting for 34% of threats), DDoS attacks (28% of threats) and threats to data (17% of threats.) Sectors targeted most often are government, healthcare, digital infrastructure and manufacturing.


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The European Directive for Network and Information Systems comes into effect on October 17, 2024. Don't wait any longer and start taking action today.