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Safeguarding your technology

In the digital world, growth brings new vulnerabilities. Whether you’re developing cutting-edge SaaS platforms, expanding your e-commerce empire, or managing vast networks of IoT devices, security threats are a constant challenge. You need a cybersecurity partner who not only understands these threats but can also anticipate and effectively neutralize them.

Let us protect the technology that powers your growth. Connect with us to learn how our cybersecurity expertise can keep your operations resilient and responsive to the dynamic digital landscape.


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What Keeps You Up at Night?

  • Data breaches: The thought of losing customer data and the trust you've built is daunting.
  • Compliance and regulations: Navigating the complex landscape of GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI DSS while scaling operations can be overwhelming.
  • Service interruptions: Downtime isn’t just an inconvenience — it affects your reputation and your bottom line.
  • Emerging threats: As technology evolves, so do the tactics of those looking to exploit it. Can you keep up?


Secura has been active as a cybersecurity specialist for more than twenty years. Our dedicated Market Group technology team assists large and medium-sized organizations in the digital technology sector in increasing their cyber resilience.

  • Customized Security Postures: We offer tailored security strategies that align with the specific needs of your technology stack and business model.
  • Proactive Threat Hunting: By continuously assessing security risks of processes, technology, and people for threats, we identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited and you have control over all aspects of information security.
  • Regulatory Compliance Expertise: Stay compliant with evolving regulations without sacrificing speed or innovation.



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Secura CyberCare offers peace of mind. At the beginning of the year, you create a clear roadmap in consultation with our experts. It includes the current state of your organization and the safety measures and actions needed for the coming year. We schedule the necessary tests, trainings, audits, and controls in consultation. But even more importantly, we actively collaborate with you and your employees to improve the digital security of the organization.


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Our ethical hackers conduct a security test to check the effectiveness of security measures, identify vulnerabilities, and provide clear advice for improvement. Gain insight into the risks thanks to a comprehensive report that includes an extensive risk analysis for each outcome and recommendations at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

Threat Modeling

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When ensuring the security of an application, system, or software, understanding the perspectives from which threats emerge and how a system can be compromised is essential. The objective of this Threat Modeling session is to provide a comprehensive overview of potential threats and attack paths. Armed with this knowledge, you can implement specific measures to enhance your security posture.

Software Development Lifecycle approach

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Our approach helps you to develop secure software in a way that fits your development process. We support you with measuring and improving the security level within your software development organization by offering training & coaching of employees, partnering in defining or refining policies and procedures and providing tooling & services.

External Attack Surface Assessment

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External Attack Surface Management (EASM) entails the proactive identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities within systems linked to the internet. This encompasses a spectrum of assets, such as websites, management interfaces, IoT devices, web applications, payment gateways, and cloud services. By systematically addressing vulnerabilities in these outward-facing systems, organizations can effectively diminish the risk of cyber attacks.

Tabletop Crisis Management

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Do you know if your organization is well-prepared for a cyberattack? How quickly can you intervene, and what are the next steps? Secura helps large to medium-sized organizations strengthen their cyber resilience. We understand the importance of practicing the management of a cyber crisis before it occurs. You will discover how well your organization is prepared to handle a cyberattack. And at which point you can improve, such as appointing a crisis team and updating procedures.

Design Review

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We review the design documentation of your IT system.

SIEM / SOC Testing

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We test and verify if your SIEM/SOC detection service works properly.

Security Awareness & Behavior Program

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Increase the cybersecurity awareness of your employees. Discover Secura's SAFE Program to promote cyber-safe behavior in your organization. By combining psychology and security expertise, we offer an information security awareness program focused on behavioral change. Learn more about our SAFE program: Security Addressed For Employees.


Are you a Cloud-based service provider?

We offer services specifically for you. They help you strengthen security across all layers of Cloud infrastructure and address the unique information security challenges faced by Cloud-based service providers.



Do you manage an e-commerce platform?

We help midsized and large e-commerce providers strengthen their security. Learn how we can help ensure the secure operation of your e-commerce platform, addressing the distinct information security challenges encountered by online retailers.


Secure your future with Secura

We have a strong background in the digital technology sector. A broad range of digital providers trust us as a partner for security testing, advice, and implementation. Get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you.

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Secura is a leading cybersecurity expert. Our customers range from government and healthcare to finance and industry worldwide. Secura offers technical services, such as vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and red teaming. We also provide certification for IoT and industrial environments, as well as audits, forensic services and awareness training. Our goal is to raise your cyber resilience.

Secura is a Bureau Veritas company. Bureau Veritas (BV) is a publicly listed company specialized in testing, inspection and certification. BV was founded in 1828, has over 80.000 employees and is active in 140 countries. Secura is the cornerstone of the cybersecurity strategy of Bureau Veritas.