Anne de Nies, Finance Market Group Manager at Secura, gave an interesting interview to Cybernews. Anne discusses the balance between investing in cybersecurity measures and keeping costs low.

She also touches on DORA, (Digital Operational Resilience Act) and on the tools organizations can use to raise their cyber resilience. Read the interview here:

Read the interview with Anne de Nies on Cybernews

The interview features Anne de Nies, Finance Market Group Manager at Secura. She talks about the origin and mission of Secura, the importance of creating a safe and secure digital environment for businesses, and the challenges and trends in the cybersecurity field.

Anne explains how Secura helps companies raise their cyber resilience by providing services on all layers: people, processes, hardware, infrastructure, networks, and applications. She reflects on how the recent global events, such as the pandemic, the supply chain crisis, and the financial turmoil, have affected the cybersecurity landscape.

Anne: “The world has rapidly changed over the past years”. Cyber attacks are intangible until they strike and many companies still underestimate the risks and costs of a breach. She predicts that in the next few years, we will see more attacks on critical infrastructure, cloud services, and IoT devices.

Services for the Financial Market

Secura serves multiple markets; Anne manages the team that focuses on raising cyber resilience for financial institutions. As a financial company, information security is already part of your daily operations. But you need to keep up, because regulations are evolving and hackers are getting more and more sophisticated. Let Secura help you, for example with the implementation of DORA.

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