New UNECE Regulations Hitting the Road

UNECE has just announced that regulations on Cybersecurity (R 155), Software Updates (R 156), and Automated Lane Keeping Systems (R 157) have entered into force. Marking the 22nd of January (2021) as a significant moment for the automotive industry, as these international regulations will help OEMS to govern the cybersecurity aspect of vehicles in a better way.

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The new UNECE regulations will address areas which were previously not in scope of road vehicles international regulations. Given the increase in vehicle connectivity, and the rise of associated vulnerabilities and threats over the past few years, the new regulations are expected to have a positive impact on the whole ecosystem of the automotive sector. In the European Union, the regulation will be mandatory for all new vehicle types from July 2022 and will become mandatory for all new vehicles produced from July 2024.

OEMs still have some time left to implement the final changes, in order to ensure compliance to these regulations. Still, the requirements of the new regulations will ask the OEMs to have well-structured and documented processes related to cybersecurity and software updates issues. While some of these processes might be directly available and in place, still, others will require careful consideration in order to ensure a compliance state in the end. Therefore, it is essential to identify at this point in time any potential gaps in the documented processes of developed vehicle times.

About Secura

Secura can support with the preparation for UNECE audits, in line with the requirements of the Cybersecurity (R 155) and Software Updates regulations (R 156). Secura can also support with the audit itself, as well as helping you address any potential gaps in the documentation process. Fulfilling these regulations with respect to the management systems, as well as the vehicle types will be needed for manufacturers in order to enter the markets under the UNECE sphere.

Therefore, Secura is your one-stop-shop in terms of UNECE regulations preparation, gap analysis and official type approval audits. Check out our latest white paper on these newly announced UNECE Regulations to find out more.

Or feel free to get in contact with us to explore what tailored approach fits your current compliance state.

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