Secura Recognized Technical Service (E4) for UNECE R155 and R156 Under RDW

Amsterdam, 29 July 2022

Secura proudly announces the formal designation as Technical Service under the Dutch Road Approval Authority (E4), RDW. Under RDW, Secura is now able to perform vehicle type approval assessments in line with the UNECE R155 (Cybersecurity) and R156 (Software Updates) regulations.

The R155 and R156 regulations have become mandatory for new vehicle types since July 2022. Currently, every vehicle manufacturer that plans to place a new vehicle type on the market needs to fulfill the R155 and R156 regulations and obtain the necessary type of approval in advance. The regulations cover markets such as the EU, UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and other countries as well.

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UNECE R155 - Cybersecurity

The UNECE R155 (Cybersecurity) regulation aims to ensure that critical elements of the vehicle and backend architecture are protected against cybersecurity attacks. This will cover aspects such as vehicle interfaces, cloud/backend connections, internal secure storage, user authentication, keyless entry, etc. The R155 regulation asks for an approach that covers the whole life cycle of the vehicle, starting with secure development and including all the necessary risk assessment, testing, and validation activities. Suppliers of automotive components are also included in the scope of the regulation, with specific requirements being applicable.

UNECE R156 - Software Updates

The R156 (Software Updates) regulation asks vehicle manufacturers to manage the software updates which are sent to the vehicle carefully. Aspects such as software versioning, compatibility, impact, or the security of the updated infrastructure need to be taken into account and validated.

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"The new UNECE regulations will represent a major step toward a more secure and safe automotive domain. They cover not only the end vehicles but also the whole supply chain, which is powering the industry. Secura has understood the importance of these regulations from an early moment and has supported UNECE from the beginning with feedback and implementation advice. This recognition under the Dutch RDW completes our automotive service portfolio."

Razvan Venter, Group Manager Products Security

Secura as Technical Service

Secura is a one-stop shop for interested vehicle and component manufacturers when it comes to R155/R156 compliance and certification. Our service offering includes initial training courses, gap analysis, support in addressing the gaps, and, of course, the formal audit and type approval. We look forward to talking to you and finding together the best suitable support solution. More information about our services can be found on our dedicated automotive cybersecurity page.

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