Heavy-Duty Vehicle Manufacturer Collaborates with Secura to Achieve R155 Compliance

With the new UNECE regulations becoming mandatory in July 2022, Secura is finalizing a 4-year program together with a heavy-duty vehicle manufacturer that started with contributing to the development of the new UNECE regulations. The heavy-duty manufacturer will soon obtain their UNECE R155 certificates.

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Short Recap UNECE R155

UNECE, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, published two regulations addressing areas that were previously not in the scope of road vehicles international regulations before: Cybersecurity (R155) and Software Updates (R156). From July 2022, the R155 regulation will be mandatory for all new vehicle types in the European Union and will become mandatory for all vehicles produced from July 2024.

Collaboration with Heavy-Duty Vehicle Manufacturer

With Secura's early involvement with the UNECE R155 regulation, we were able to work with a leading heavy-duty manufacturer from an early stage. This collaboration allowed both companies to implement an efficient and mature approach to UNECE R155 compliance. Find out below how this process went.

📌 2018 | Workshops and state of implementation

Secura and the heavy-duty manufacturer collaborated on topics linked to the R155 regulation since 2018. The two companies first started with a series of introductory workshops, aimed to understand better the requirements of R155, as well as the current state of implementation within the heavy-duty manufacturer. Based on this initial understanding, the heavy-duty manufacturer and Secura were able to provide further feedback to the UNECE, regarding recommended updates to the first series of requirements.

📌 2019 | International pilot projects

In 2019, the heavy-duty manufacturer and Secura collaborated in the first series of international pilot projects based on the R155 regulation. This pilot project has been set up by the UNECE with the goal to explore in practice the way in which OEMs, but also future Technical Services, can work in practice to demonstrate compliance with the development processes (CSMS), as well as the security on the vehicle level itself. The pilot ended up with very important conclusions, which were brought forward by Secura to the UNECE, and ended up incorporated in the next version of the UNECE regulation.

📌 2019-2022 | Gap Analysis

Secura has collaborated with the heavy-duty manufacturer on a wide variety of R155 related topics in the last few years. Together, we performed a couple of rounds of an initial gap analysis on the processes in the scope of the R155 (the CSMS part). Based on these gap analysis assessments, Secura has provided further support and guidance on how the process-related gaps can be addressed in an efficient manner. Besides the involvement with processes review and guidance, especially in the last period, Secura and the heavy-duty manufacturer have extensively worked together on aspects such as practical risk assessments, security testing, and interaction with the supply chain. The collaboration has always followed the principle of finding the most efficient compliance solutions, while at the same time ensuring that the security of the vehicles is not at risk.

📌 Currently | Obtaining R155 Certificates

The successful collaboration resulted in the situation where the heavy-duty manufacturer is very close to obtaining their necessary R155 certificates, CSMS, and the security on the vehicle level itself, in time for the internal company’s deadlines. By joining forces at an early stage, all the possible gaps in compliance were quickly identified, while the rest of the time was spent jointly addressing the gaps and ensuring that everything is ready in time for the final audits.


Secura and UNECE

Secura has followed the developments around the UNECE R155 and R156 regulations since the early stages, constantly contributing to the review and the update of the regulation text, as well as participating in the early phase pilot projects organized by UNECE. After following the UNECE regulations from an early stage, Secura obtained in 2021 the status of Technical Service for R155, under the Dutch (E4) and Cyprus (E49) road authorities. This allows Secura to continue supporting its customers with both consultancy services, as well as official audits and certification based on R155. Designation under other national Approval Authorities remains a target for Secura in the coming years.

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