Secura Obtains Common Criteria Laboratory License

PRESS RELEASE - Amsterdam, The Netherlands – January 13, 2021

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Secura, a leading independent cybersecurity expert, announced today that it has obtained the official license for becoming a Common Criteria laboratory. With this license, Secura adds Common Criteria Security Evaluations to its wide-range portfolio of cybersecurity services.

Common criteria

Secura has become a licensed laboratory for Common Criteria Evaluation under the Netherlands Scheme for Certification in the Area of IT Security (NSCIB). A Common Criteria certificate issued by NSCIB is recognized internationally based on mutual recognition agreements such as SOG-IS (European level) and CCRA (worldwide recognition).

Razvan Venter
“After a successful pilot, we are excited to now officially add Common Criteria to our service offering. The standard is one of the most known and most internationally recognized for the evaluation of IT products, so we are confident that this license will bring interesting opportunities to both our customers and ourselves as a company.”

--- Razvan Venter, Products Security Manager at Secura.

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The Common Criteria is an international standard and method used for evaluation of the security properties of IT-products and systems, applicable for both software and embedded/hardware solutions. The objective is to facilitate the evaluation of security properties of IT products and systems against specified requirements. The method is flexible and makes it possible to specify security requirements on a product or category of products.

An evaluation based on Common Criteria can be performed based on one of the seven possible levels. The depth and scope of the evaluation is increasing progressively based on the selected level. While higher levels of evaluation are typically preferred for high-risk environment products such as smart cards or e-passport ICs, evaluations based on levels EAL1 – EAL4 are well suitable for a broad range of software and embedded products including IoT, industrial components, medical devices, data protection, antiviruses, operating systems, mobile applications and solutions, etc.

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Main benefits of Common Criteria certification include (but are not limited to):
  • Helps minimize security risks and provide an assurance to the customers that the products are tested and evaluated by an independent third party in accordance to an international standard;
  • Helps to eliminate multiple evaluations and certifications on various national levels;
  • A CC certificate is recognized worldwide in 31-member nations;
  • Opens doors to the government market and to organizations with critical infrastructures;
  • Helps to increase brand recognition and advance in competition with other well-established security products.

For more detailed information on Common Criteria, please read our newest blog post here.

Secura is now open for new Common Criteria evaluation projects. If you are interested, feel free to contact for further discussion.

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