Common Criteria for Embedded/Software Products: The Ultimate Security Recognition

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On 4 March 2021, Secura organized the webinar: "Common Criteria for Embedded/Software Products: The Ultimate Security Recognition". The webinar was presented by Razvan Venter (Group Manager Product Manufacturers) and Anna Prudnikova (Sr. Security Certification Specialist).

Watch the recording of this webinar back to get more insight into Common Criteria, with a specific focus on its applicability in the area of software and embedded devices, and get an insight into how CC is suitable for your product.

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About the webinar

Common Criteria (CC) is one of the most famous international certification methodology for IT products. Based on CC, a broad range of products can be evaluated and certified. The scope ranges from embedded products (e.g. IoT, medical devices, industrial components, automotive components, network devices, etc.) to software products (e.g. antivirus, databases, firewalls, erasure tools, etc.) and finally to high risk products such as smart cards and ICs.

Very often it is heard that CC is a complex and challenging methodology, which requires extensive involvement from the developers. But how much effort is really needed, and can the approach be made more efficient in terms of effort and cost? What should developers of software and embedded products know before starting a CC evaluation journey, and what can be done to ensure an efficient preparation and project progress?

Moreover, what Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) should be selected for a particular product and how does impact the required effort and budget? In the case when the company already has a couple of certificates under the belt, what more can be done to optimize the evaluation process and ensure smooth and successful evaluation and certification? And finally, what is the prize and recognition at the end of the journey?

In addition, the new EUCC scheme (Common Criteria based European candidate cybersecurity certification scheme) developed for the certification of ICT products cybersecurity will be covered. What will happen during the transition period and how will it align with existing CC schemes?


  1. Common Criteria 101
  2. What to expect for an embedded/software product evaluation?
  3. Preparation hints for the developers
  4. Process optimization for experienced companies
  5. Market value and international recognition
  6. EUCC and transition to the new scheme
  7. Q&A

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Implementation Guide Common Criteria for Software and Embedded Products

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Common Criteria

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