White Paper: UNECE Cybersecurity Regulation (R155)

State of the Art and Relation With ISO 21434 and TISAX Standards

The UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) has been working in the past years on a new regulation, focused on Cybersecurity for road vehicles. The regulation has been formally adopted in June 2020 and has entered into force from January 2021. Under the new regulation, vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) will need to satisfy the Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) requirements in order to be allowed to apply for type approval of specific vehicle types.

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The regulation will be applicable to all UNECE member countries of the 1958 Agreement, which ensures a wide global coverage. Within this article, we will provide, as an introduction, the general regulatory environment under UNECE. Furthermore, a high-level view on the cybersecurity regulation requirements will be given. A specific focus will be on the aspects, which are expected to be particularly challenging for vehicle manufacturers. Finally, the relation between the R155 requirements and international standards such as ISO SAE 21434 or TISAX will be discussed.

What you will learn about:

  1. The Vehicle Regulatory Environment
  2. The Need for a Cybersecurity Regulation
  3. UNECE Cybersecurity Regulation (R155) in Focus
    1. Risk Management Considerations
    2. Supply Chain Interaction Considerations
  4. Complying With the R155 Regulation in Practice and Its Relation to Other Industry Standards
    1. The "Regulation Based Approach"
    2. The "Standards Based Approach"
  5. Conclusion

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White paper UNECE Cybersecurity Regulation R155

The UNECE has been working in the past years on a new regulation, focused on Cybersecurity for road vehicles. Read more here.

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