UNECE Regulations On Cybersecurity and Software Updates: The Calm Before the Storm

A lot is changing for the vehicle manufacturers, as the UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) has been working on drafting two new international regulations over the past few years, focused on Cybersecurity and Software Updates. The regulations have been adopted formally in June 2020, and are scheduled to enter into force from January 2021.

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Under the new regulations, vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) will need to satisfy the Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) and Software Updates Management System (SUMS) requirements in order to be allowed to apply for type approval of specific vehicle types. The regulations will be applicable under all the UNECE member countries of the 1958 agreement, which ensures a wide global coverage.

The new UNECE regulations on cybersecurity and software updates will address areas which were previously not in scope of road vehicles international regulations. With the increase in vehicle connectivity, and the rise of associated vulnerabilities and threats, the new regulations are expected to have a positive impact on the whole ecosystem. In this white paper, Secura provides a high-level view on these UNECE regulations and explains what the most important requirements are for OEMs.

In short, this white paper will discuss:

  • The general regulatory environment under UNECE;
  • A high level view on the cybersecurity and software updates regulations requirements, with specific focus on aspects which are expected to be challenging for OEMS;
  • Finally, a conclusion and concrete timelines for the implementation are provided.

Secura can support with the preparation for UNECE audits, in line with the requirements of the Cybersecurity and Software Updates regulations. Secura can as well support with the audit itself, once these become mandatory. Fulfilling these regulations with respect to the management systems, as well as the vehicle types will be needed for manufacturers in order to enter the markets under the UNECE sphere

Feel free to reach our for more details, or read the white paper for more information.

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