About Secura

Established in 2000 in the Netherlands, Secura is an independent, specialised security expert with offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. Our service lines are: Advisory & Audit, Security Testing (including penetration testing, Red Teaming and source code reviews), Certification Services and Training & Awareness.

We help our clients take control of their digital security and are fully privately owned and not a reseller of any products or services, giving us the independence we require to provide our customers with high-value recommendations and knowledge transfer.

Take control of your digital security

We value our internal knowledge sharing culture while maintaining a high standard of confidentiality and integrity. We are valued by our customers for our critical thinking and our insights on all layers: people, processes, hardware, infrastructure, networks and applications.

Secura is active in all sectors but focusses on critical infrastructure, financials, energy and healthcare. While firmly grounded in the European security market, after 18 years of steady growth and deep specialisation Secura is ready to expand to other markets outside of Europe.

In short: Secura is are your independent, trusted security partner taking care of all your digital security needs. We identify IT security risks in any form, from an independent standpoint, whilst maintaining the highest level of confidentiality and integrity. This enables you to be proactive and in control of your digital security.

Curious about the passionate people behind Secura dedicated to fulfilling our mission of helping you take control of your digital security? And what makes Secura stand out from other companies in the sector? Read more about the people behind Secura.


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