Security of Healthcare Data - ASCLEPIOS Awareness Workshop

Secura is a member of the ASCLEPIOS project, in part funded by the European Commission as part of the H2020 program. ASCLEPIOS aims to address an important issue within the critical domain of healthcare: the efficient and granular access and storage of sensitive medical data whilst retaining the essential security and data protection requirements. For more information about the project please see:
Within the project, Secura is one of the main partners with respect to the technical development, analysis and testing of the proposed platform, GDPR compliance, and increasing the general awareness concerning the processing of medical data. In order to address the awareness improvement, Secura will conduct, within the context of ASCLEPIOS, periodic workshops dedicated to the protection of medical data.

Workshop: Protecting vital assets, the art and science of working with medical data

The first of this series of workshops will take place on the 16 January 2020, at the location of Secura in Amsterdam, the Netherlands! This workshop, themed “Protecting vital assets, the art and science of working with medical data.” will focus on the current limitations concerning the collection, storage and access to the sensitive patient’s medical data and how ASCLEPIOS attempts to solve these. The workshop admission is free of charge, having a strong goal of bringing together both technical and non-technical personnel involved with medical data processing.

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Intended audience

This workshop is highly suitable for:

  • Healthcare personnel, dealing with medical data on a daily basis,
  • Privacy and GDPR experts and enthusiasts,
  • Experts with technical knowledge in the secure transfer, access and storage of data, including topics such as encryption, attribute based access control, secure pairing protocols, etc.

The topics discussed in the workshop will address the topics of security and privacy in both technical and non-technical way. While parts of the talks will go deeper into topics of security or GDPR, the core of the workshop is designed such that all the members of the audience will have the chance of getting involved in the topics. Exercises focused on the discussed items will increase the interaction between the audience members, helping in a better understanding of the topics.


The workshop is designed to be given in a 8 hour session. Topics will include:

  • GDPR in healthcare environments
  • Working with medical data - defender perspective
  • Working with medical data - Attacker perspective
  • State of the art in medical devices security
  • State of the art in a connected healthcare environment
  • Applying the ASCLEPIOS concepts for improving state-of-the-art.

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Save your seat for the first ASCLEPIOS Awareness workshop. Admission is free of charge.

  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Date: 16 January 2019

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More details concerning the objectives, results and current status of the ASCLEPIOS project can be obtained via the following sources:

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