Secura Grand Slam - Student Capture The Flag (CTF) 2019

  • Secura Grand Slam - Student CTF
  • Date: Thursday 13 June 2019, 09:30 - 16:15 | Part of the Black Hat Sessions programme
  • Venue: NBC Congrescentrum - Nieuwegein (NL)
  • For whom: students in the last two years of their study at a university or higher education institution
  • Registration was open until May 24th, 2019

Have you bricked devices as a result of your curiosity? Do you like solving puzzles? Have you been hacking in your spare time? Is your first idea after receiving a present getting a screwdriver to see what is inside? Are you interested in digital security?  Do you like to team up with like-minds to see how good you are? Are you nearing the end of your studies at a University or Higher education and have you answered multiple questions affirmative, then read on and register!

Why should you participate? Well, first of all to have fun hacking challenges with your team. We offer you the chance to see how good you really are in comparison with teams from other universities. And you don't have to do it for free. The prize is worth your while:

First prize      € 2,048
Second prize € 1,024
Third prize     € 512

Next to that, we would like to offer the possibility for (thesis) internships and jobs at Secura: one of the leading Dutch IT security companies, with offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. And each team will receive an additional five tickets for supporters to visit the well-known Black Hat Sessions. A large part of the security community will be there and you can participate in interesting lectures and technical workshops.

In 2018 team THS of the University of Twente was the big winner. Click here to read the press release Team THS (Universty of Twente) wins Secura Grand Slam Student CTF.

Where and when?
The Secura Grand Slam CTF will be held at the Secura Black Hat Sessions on June 13th 2019 at NBC Congrescentrum, Nieuwegein (NL).

Are you interested in joining?
Make a Team! Book the date.. and don't forget to sign up!

Registration is closed

Do you have any questions about (participating) the Secura Grand Slam Student CTF in 2020? Please do not hesitate to contact us and mail

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