NEN 7510 Certification Audit

NEN 7510 is the standard for information security in Dutch healthcare and falls under the supervision of the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ). In December 2017 the new version NEN 7510:2017. In this new version is more attention to laws and regulations concerning the new general regulation on Data Protection (AVG) from May 2018 in the EU as a whole will be applicable.

The national communication point for healthcare Vecozo demands in its Vecozo Generic Conditions for Connection that software suppliers in healthcare must demonstrate that they comply with NEN 7510. This can be done with a TPM statement (also called Third Party Memorandum). With this you fulfill the set requirements, without having to release all details and findings.

Secura provides the following services:

  • NEN 7510 implementation support;
  • NEN 7510 Pre- audit;
  • NEN 7510 Audit support;
  • Interim Service (CISO, ISO and DPO).

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