Secura becomes 200th member of NIDV

Secura has recently become the 200th member of the NIDV, The Netherlands Industries for Defense and Security, a foundation linking companies, knowledge institutions, and the government within the Netherlands.

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The Netherlands Industries for Defense and Security (NIDV) links companies, knowledge institutions, and the government within the Netherlands. Since its foundation in 1984 by the ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate, Foreign Affairs, Defense, and industry partners, the NIDV has been ensuring the sustainable positioning of the Dutch defense and security sector both in the Netherlands and abroad. The NIDV acts as information provider, advocate and service provider for the Dutch Defense and security sector.

With the demand for cybersecurity growing substantially within the government and the public sector, and with Secura's team and expertise growing within defense and safety, becoming a member of the NIDV was the next step. Coincidentally, Secura was the 200th member to join the NIDV and to celebrate this moment, Chairman Hans Hillen and the NIDV-team visited the Secura office in Amsterdam. After a good introduction on both ends and a photo moment, the NIDV-team also received a live car hacking demo (more about this soon!) outside from one of our security experts.

NIDV Visit 2 Sept 2022 5
NIDV Visit 2 Sept 2022 4

Managing Director Dirk-Jan van den Heuvel: “Cybersecurity has its roots in the world of Defense and Safety. We also would like to apply the lessons learned from the private sector to this world. We had the NIDV on our radar since 2018, but now the team has been completed we can participate in full force."

Hans Hillen, Chairman NIDV: "I'm convinced that Secura will strengthen our network. The challenges in the area of cybersecurity have only become bigger."

Next to a delicious cake and beautiful flowers, Secura has also received a booth for the NEDS 2022 in November, one of the biggest industry events as a welcoming gift, to present themselves within the ecosystem. The event is the ultimate tool to increase the cooperation between defense and safety services, and companies and knowledge institutions. More about NEDS 2022, please visit:

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