We are proud to announce our new service: Secura CyberCare. This service is for YOU if you are looking for an independent cybersecurity partner. Together we will build your cybersecurity roadmap and implement all steps.

The benefits of Secura CyberCare are:

✔️ Independent security partner

✔️ Complete cybersecurity service

✔️ Clear Road Map

Secura CyberCare is a complete cybersecurity service. At the start of the year, our experts consult with you to draw up a clear roadmap. In it we include the security measures and actions your organization needs in the coming year. We plan the necessary tests and checks together.

Most importantly: throughout the year we actively work together to improve the digital security of your organization.


Cybersecurity is a challenging job. Your ambition is to make your organization as digitally secure as possible. But the rapid developments mean your work now involves everything from automatic detection capabilities to awareness. Before you realize, you’ve spent another year mainly solving pressing issues. If a problem isn’t urgent, it might not be tackled.

If left for too long, these problems can lead to serious security issues. Secura has over twenty years of experience in cybersecurity. We often see CISOs and managers involved in digital security struggling with the increasing complexity of the field. You react to what is happening but may experience a lack of control.


What you need is an independent, trusted partner. An expert you can call any time, who shares the responsibility of your digital security. Someone who can help you make a plan to improve the cyber resilience of your organization. To give you, your customers and your stakeholders peace of mind.

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