Security Summit 2021

From 4 till 6 May, our security certifications experts Razvan Venter, Anna Prudnikova & Ena Kurtović took part in this year's Security Summit in a virtual setting. Our experts focused on a broad range of topics: from the basics & application of Common Criteria to IoT Security standards, frameworks and more. This year, Security Summit had 71 sponsors and exhibitors, with Secura as one of the main sponsors.

Security summit 2021

This year marks the second virtual edition of the Security Summit. Over the year, the Security Summit has become a recognized & genuine international event harboring guests & speakers from over 90 countries. With over 3200 attendees having joined live workshops & virtual booths, this year's summit managed to break new grounds with this successful achievement.

The Security Summit is well-known for inviting speakers covering a wide array of topics: security and ICT in smart and safe city, building and home automation, mobility and industrial IoT and cyber security. During the second andthird day of the summit, our speakers from Secura Razvan, Ena and Anna covered topics such as Iot Security standardization and certification landscape & the applicability of Common Criteria in their talks.

IoT Certification: Common Criteria (Tuesday 4 May)

During this talk on Tuesday the 4th of May, our Senior Security Certification Specialist Anna Prudnikova explained the basics of Common Criteria and the value of its certificates. Common Criteria (CC) is one of the most known and most internationally recognized certification schemes for the evaluation of IT products. Moreover, a view on how Common Criteria will play a major role in the upcoming EU-level certification framework was discussed as well. Anna also provided more depth into the example of applying Common Criteria methodology to evaluate a software product with EAL3 (Evaluation Assurance Level). Watch Anna's session back to learn more about the Common Criteria standard.

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IoT Security Standardization and Certification Landscape (Wednesday 5 May)

During this talk on Wednesday the 5th of May, our experts Razvan & Ena provided more insight into the state of the art concerning the most relevant standards, certification schemes and frameworks that can be applied for IoT. With the focus on various aspects of IoT, from consumer devices, healthcare, industrial products, or connected vehicles, this talk also provided a direction into which of these standards and certification options will provide more value to a manufacturer. This session was wrapped-up by a final discussion on the future of (EU) harmonized standards, certifications & why these are valuable for an IoT developer. All in all: this talk provided a high-level view on the IoT security standardization and certification landscape & how IoT developers and manufacturers can apply these standards.

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Interested in learning more about IoT Standards & Certifications?

Secura offers a wide range of services for securing your IoT. Secura offers Common Criteria evaluation services under the Dutch CC scheme – NSCIB. We can support you along the whole process of evaluation, starting with the proper preparation and documentation support, all the way to the testing and certification support phases. Alongside our common criteria services, we are also actively involved in the domain of IoT security and up-to-date with all the developments concerning standards, regulations and certifications in the field of consumer IoT, network devices, medical devices and more.

Our specialists strongly believe that IoT security can be better addressed by relying on internationally recognized requirements and metrics. Secura has therefore compiled a list of recommended IoT security testing and certification services. Check out our dedicated IoT Security page to learn more.

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