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What is better than meeting each other physically? That is something we wonder too! That's why you can find us often at events and conferences. Sometimes as a speaker or exhibitor and sometimes as a visitor (because we also want to keep learning from others).

We will be attending the events mentioned on this page. Drop by to say hello. If you're lucky, maybe you can get to grab one of our rubber ducks or other merchandise! 🦆

📅 10-12 February 2023

Hacker Hotel 2023

Hacker Hotel is the 3-day exclusive event for hackers and makers with workshops and lectures at all levels. The event takes place at the Westcord Hotel in Garderen, the Netherlands, with lectures, workshops, CTFs and other hacking and security activities. Secura is sponsoring the event and our team will again be actively contributing to the program this year, so stay tuned!

📍 Location: Garderen, The Netherlands

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