Offshore Industry Magazine - How to deal with cyber crime?

Offshore Industry Magazine How to deal with cyber crime
Sjoerd Peerlkamp Secura

The leading magazine "Offshore Industry" published an interesting article on how to deal with cyber crime with Sjoerd Peerlkamp, Director Industrial Market Group at Secura.

In the offshore industry, automation and digitalisation contribute to higher efficiency, sustainability, operability, and safety. However, there is a downside because the increasing digitalisation also entails a growing cyber security risk, which might ultimately also impact safety. This is of specific interest in times of geopolitical tensions.

Sjoerd: "To keep assets hack-proof, it is also important for companies to know what measures their suppliers and (sub)contractors are taking to keep their products and processes secure."

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How to deal with cybercrime Offshore Industry Magazine Sjoerd Peerlkamp

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