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BIO Compliance

With the introduction of the Baseline Information Security for the Government (BIO), the standard frameworks such as the BIR, BIG, IBI and BIWA were replaced for the central government, municipalities, provinces and water boards respectively.

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The BIO is based on internationally accepted standards and best practices in information security, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 (ISO27k). Compliance with the BIO is an important obligation. The emphasis at BIO is much more on risk analysis than in the old standards frameworks. In addition, three basic security levels have been defined and the measures in the BIO are all mandatory.

How can Secura help you?

To support you in being and remaining BIO compliant, Secura offers the following services:

  1. BIO Review: consisting of review, gap analysis, roadmap and action plan
  2. BIO Support: training and support with risk analysis, support and guidance with implementation or migration.
  3. BIO Assessment: an extensive assessment in which all control measures are tested in accordance with the BIO. The report is an integral audit report including recommendations to strengthen the measures.
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