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Security Maturity Review

Many companies do not know the maturity of their organization in terms of information security and cyber resilience. Often a complete picture is missing, which refrains organizations of structural and targeted removal of security risks.

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Cyber risks are increasingly important to organizations. The professionalization of criminal organizations as well as the increasing dependence on digital resources and data play a major role in this. A data breach, hack or even a ransomware attack can have a huge impact on your organization. The reputation of your organization, customers or partners can be seriously damaged. The consequences of a cybersecurity attack are often difficult to oversee.

To avoid this growing problem, Secura defined a security framework and approach based on the NIST Cyber Security Framework covering the five cybersecurity resilience stages, covering people, process and technology. Secura extended this framework with Governance (ISO 27001) and Risk Management Chapters (ISO 27005).

This framework helps you to assess the cybersecurity maturity and resilience of your organization from a management perspective.

SMR Framework

Security Maturity Review Framework

How can Secura help?

Secura offers three services that helps you strengthen the resilience of your organization against advanced cyber-attacks and incidents.

  1. Security Maturity Self Scan - a self-scan including free reporting and recommendations. On the basis of a short questionnaire, it is possible to make an initial estimate of the cybersecurity maturity of the organization.

  2. Security Maturity Review - an expert workshop in which possible cyber risks are identified and the maturity of the organization is determined based on the outcomes of this workshop. The report is a report of the closing meeting including the main points for attention and the management presentation.

  3. Security Maturity Assessment - a comprehensive assessment in which cyber risks are identified and all control measures are tested. The report is an integral audit including recommendations to strengthen the security controls.

For more information, please refer to our fact sheet. We would like to discuss with you how we can best help you.

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Security Maturity and Assessment Review

Overview of our Security Maturity Assessment Review Services

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