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Vendor Security

Many organizations are aware that they are vulnerable to cyber risks and that they can be affected by one of their suppliers because they may not have information security well organized.

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In addition, there is often not complete confidence in the security and privacy competence of suppliers. A supply chain cyberattack, also known as a value chain or third party attack, occurs when an attacker infiltrates your system through a third party partner or provider with access to your systems and data. This has drastically increased the attack surface of organizations in recent years, with more vendors and service providers holding sensitive data than ever before.

How can Secura help?

For this reason, Secura has developed an efficient and time-saving method for third-party risk management. By including the inherent and residual risk, together with the maturity level of your supplier in an extensive dashboard, you get a complete overview of your suppliers and whether they have their security in order. The purpose of Secura's Security Vendor Assessment is to assess the security measures taken by your suppliers to protect your information. Within this program we offer you the following services:

  1. Vendor Review
    Assessment of the supplier's scope, location of the supplier with regard to compliance and compliance with laws and regulations, standards and best practices as well as requirements set by your organization. This is reported in a concise report with a simple dashboard.

  2. Vendor Assessment
    Evaluation of questionnaires, research to evaluate and assess the risk of the supplier relationship, including a detailed audit report.
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Cybersecurity is more than technology alone. Secura collaborates with partners in compliance and risk management, integrated application security, privacy, IT- and internet law and certification.