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Internal Pentest Training

Secura's internal pentest training course teaches you how attackers compromise office automation network by combining theory with hands-on practice. The goal is not only to gain a greater understanding on what should be secured within such a network but also why mitigation techniques work.

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Additionally, the course provides a deeper understanding of what is to be expected from a pentest. Thereby being able to more effectively manage a pentest engagement from either the attacking or defending perspective. The methods taught are techniques on how to perform an effective internal pentest and are based on years of experience and numerous assessments.

Why should you attend?

  • Gain insight into how critical vulnerabilities in a corporate network can be exploited.
  • Learn how an effective internal penetration test can be performed in an enterprise environment.
  • Get do's and don'ts during an engagement from experienced professionals.
  • Learn to structure information effectively during the internal penetration test as to gain the most value from an engagement.

During the course an internal penetration test will be performed by the participants while being guided by an experienced penetration tester. This is a very interactive training course with lots of exercises, demonstrations and quizzes to support effective learning. The courseware is also based on gamification meaning that a virtual lab is included in which participants can execute attacks to gain points in a capture the flag setup.

Intended Audience

This training is suitable for:

  • Blue team members
  • Network administrators
  • Automation testers

Required Skills & Expertise

This training is devised for technical personnel. Participants may vary in skill level from no experience to novice in pentesting. A basic understanding of Linux and Windows AD is needed.


The program is divided into several sections, which are given in a two-day course. This course ensures that attendees from novice to advanced beginner can each learn from this course.

Day 1

Internal Pentest Training Day 1

Day 2

Internal Pentest Training Day 2


If you are interested in hosting this interactive and tailored workshop at your company, please let us know via the contact form, by telephone +31 (0)88 888 31 00 or email

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