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In this webinar on demand, you will discover 7 best practices on how big banks manage their cybersecurity. And what you can learn from this high level of cyber resilience.

Banks have always been targets for financial crime. They developed high standards for their cybersecurity. What can you learn from a bank so you don’t fall victim to digital attackers? As an established cybersecurity company, Secura has done many ethical hack projects with big banks and other large organizations. We found 7 best practices that may be of value for your organization.

This webinar is based on the talk "How to hack a bank" at Money2020. Speaker is Michael Schouwenaar, Senior Security Specialist | Team Manager Finance at Secura. Your host is Anne de Nies, Manager Finance Market Groups.


07:27 External attack surface

11:08 Phone phishing

12:23 Network segmentation

17:49 Security Operations Centre

18:51 Identity and access management

23:20 Supply chain security

25:03 Comply with DORA

28:33 Advance Red Teaming

32:09 Questions & Answers

36:07 End


During the webinar we mentioned Vishing, our voice based phishing assessments. Below is a little preview of how we do these assessments. If you’re interested in the longer version of the video and/or would like to know more about our Vishing assessments, please contact to speak with one of our consultants.



  • Corporate Security Officers in Midsize Financial Companies
  • Managers of Fintech Startups


Modern digital attackers are anonymous, hidden behind screens, and mostly sophisticated in staying undetected. To protect their assets, banks have gained a lot of experience in cybersecurity. And they developed high security standards. But do they always succeed? And is it true that they are much more secure than other types of organizations? More importantly, what can you learn from a bank so you don’t fall victim to these attackers?

In this webinar, we dive deeper into the differences between big banks and smaller financial organizations and fintech companies. As Secura’s financial market team, we have loads of experience in testing cyber resilience at both banks and fintechs. We know the common flaws, but also what separates both worlds. We will share insights with hands-on examples on how to improve your cyber security.


Michael Schouwenaar, Senior Security Specialist & Team Manager Finance

Michael Schouwenaar is Senior Security Specialist & Team Manager Finance at Secura. He has used his interest in finding out how things work extensively in his career to make things do something useful. Initially, Michael did this by building software, but at some point he decided breaking things was even more fun. Luckily, he always provides a report on how he did it, to help the owner improve their projects. He also provides trainings to help others avoid potentially critical mistakes. Michael is now managing a group of cyber experts at Secura. And he loves to take the stage, for example at DefCON or recently at Money2020.

Anne de Nies, Manager Finance Market Group

Anne de Nies CISM is Manager Finance Market Group at Secura. She aims to raise cyber resilience in the finance market. Anne has over seven years of experience in cybersecurity. Driven and resilient, Anne is accustomed to operating in financial markets, able to respond to change, challenges, ambiguity and complexity.


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Secura is a Bureau Veritas company. Bureau Veritas (BV) is a publicly listed company specialized in testing, inspection and certification. BV was founded in 1828, has over 80.000 employees and is active in 140 countries. Secura is the cornerstone of the cybersecurity strategy of Bureau Veritas.