My First Red Team - DORA’s Requirements for Financials New to Red Teaming


Are you a company in the financial sector? Then pay attention. Because DORA, the upcoming EU law for cybersecurity in the financial sector, requires you to perform specific Red Teaming exercises regularly.

What does this mean for your organization? Are you ready for a Red Team? You will find out in this live webinar with our Red Teaming Experts Peter Rozier and Michael Schouwenaar. Watch the replay now:


Intended Audience

This webinar is designed specifically for CISOs, IT Managers, and Board Members of smaller financial institutions. It guides you through your first Red Team engagement in light of the new DORA requirements.


1. Understanding Red Teaming

Dive deep into what Red Teaming means – a simulated cyber attack mirroring the tactics, techniques, and persistence of real-life attackers targeting your financial institution. Real-Life Examples and War Stories.

2. Insights from firsthand accounts

Gain valuable insights from firsthand accounts and lessons learned from our broad experience conducting Red Teaming exercises. Discover the unexpected findings and nuances of working with an external SOC.

3. Preparation and Readiness

Are you ready for a Red Team? Do you need to be? Explore the essential prerequisites, including the significance of having a Security Operations Center (SOC).



Michael Schouwenaar, Senior Security Specialist & Team Manager Finance

Michael Schouwenaar is Senior Security Specialist & Team Manager Finance at Secura. He has used his interest in finding out how things work extensively in his career to make things do something useful. Initially, Michael did this by building software, but at some point he decided breaking things was even more fun. Luckily, he always provides a report on how he did it, to help the owner improve their projects. He also provides trainings to help others avoid potentially critical mistakes. Michael is now managing a group of cyber experts at Secura. And he loves to take the stage, for example at DefCON or recently at Money2020.

Peter Rozier, Team Lead Finance, Secura

Experienced Professional at Secura, with an extensive background in Operational and Information Risk Management, Information Security, Internal Control Advisory and IT Security Testing. My focus is on advising the Financial Service Industry by translating technical matters to the Boardroom and helping organizations build or strengthen their security and risk frameworks. Raising security awareness by delivering boardroom trainings on NIS2/DORA and supporting our clients as interim CISO. At Secura i am also leading the ethical hackers team for the Financial sector.


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