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May & June 2021

Medical Devices Security: Regulations and Practical Approaches

On 27 May, Secura will organize the webinar: "Medical Devices Security: Regulations and Practical Approaches". This webinar will highlight the need to implement cybersecurity controls in medical device. This comes both from the perspective of minimizing the high risks associated with these types of products, as well as meeting the mandatory regulatory requirements in place. The webinar will treat in more detail the regulatory environments for medical devices in the EU (governed by the EU MDR) and USA (governed by the FDA). Furthermore, the most relevant standards for approaching cybersecurity in medical devices, including IEC 62443 and UL 2900 will be discussed.

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UNECE Cybersecurity and Software Updates Regulation - The Calm Before the Storm

On 10 June, Secura will organize the webinar: "UNECE Cybersecurity and Software Updates Regulation - The Calm Before the Storm". The webinar will present insights into the upcoming regulations from UNECE: Cybersecurity (R155) and Software Updates (R156). These regulations will become mandatory for vehicle manufacturers within a short time frame, therefore proper preparation is essential. After a short discussion on the contents of the regulation, the webinar will focus on the practical ways in which these can be approached, for example, by relying on relevant standards such as ISO SAE 21434. A conclusion including timelines for implementation will be provided at the end.

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Protecting Vital Assets | Security Awareness Virtual Workshop 2021
Medical Data Cybersecurity Risks and the ASCLEPIOS Approach

On Friday June 11th, 2021, Secura will organize the next edition of the virtual ASCLEPIOS workshop, focused on improving the general awareness on the security and privacy of healthcare information. This workshop will focus on exploring the state of the art related to the transfer and processing of sensitive medical data. Attendees will take part in a comprehensive set of talks, covering aspects such as medical data privacy (GDPR), awareness aspects from the patient’s perspective and specific elements to know from an attacker’s perspective.

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