The Hacker Mindset Workshop

If your organization uses applications, platforms or infrastructures, attackers will try to find ways to exploit them. Understanding how attackers think, what they look for, and what systems can be made to do, is an important step towards protecting your assets. In particular developers and IT staff should be aware of how hackers think. Secura offers insight into this, through the workshop "Hacker Mindset".

During the Hacker Mindset workshop, a guided, hands-on, technical session will be held where participants will be attacking a vulnerable application. Part frustration, part exhilaration, as these are both key elements in what drives hackers and will help you understand why hackers do what they do. We start with a vulnerable web application, and end with total control over the web server by compounding small design mistakes, vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations.

Why should you attend?

  • Learn to spot small points of interest within applications that support compromising a system
  • Learn how to think like a hacker
  • Understand the difference between a black hat hacker and an ethical hacker

hacker mindset workshop secura

Interesting topic and good workshop material. It peaked my interest to develop some skills in this field.

The hands-on hack is very challenging; you push yourself to the limits, to show yourself what you can do.

Who should attend?

This training course is suitable for:

  • Developers
  • General IT staff
  • Security management staff
  • Non-technical staff with technical affinity

Required skills and expertise

This workshop is suitable for any skill level; some basic understanding of how typical websites are built up is useful. The workshop will be adjusted to the audience. Bring your own laptop to the workshop, the only ‘tool’ that we will use is a web browser. No specialized programs are needed.

Course Program (0.5 day)

hacker mindset workshop secura

Great insight into the workflow of a hacker!

Information and registration

Recently we organised this training course open for public application. The training course was very well received by the participants. Do you also want to improve your hacking skills? Leave a message and we will inform you when a new hacking workshop is planned.

Informative, interactive & fun

Would you like to enquire about the possibility of hosting an interactive tailor made session in your company? Please contact us via the contact form or email

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