Black Hat Sessions

The Black Hat Sessions (BHS) is Secura's security conference with the latest trends, threats and solutions in the world of digital security.

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Launched in 2002 as an afternoon to share knowledge, the Black Hat Sessions grew into a renowned event in the world of IT security. With over 400 attendees annually, the event consists of an exciting full-day programme with (technical) presentations from national and international speakers, case studies, panel discussions, hacking workshops, good conversations, sponsoring and networking opportunities, and an exciting student CTF.

Explore our YouTube channel for all Black Hat Sessions playlists. Scroll down for an impression of the event. Due to Covid the event had been postponed, subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on next editions!

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Previous editions of Black Hat Sessions included contributions from:

  • Adam Laurie
  • Michel van Leeuwen (NCSC)
  • Miranda Chilvers (DNB)
  • Elisa Costante (SecurityMatters)
  • Fabian van den Broek (Radboud University Nijmegen)
  • Brigadier General Hans Folmer
  • Meredith L. Patterson
  • Bill 'Ches' Cheswick
  • Hans de Zwart (BoF)
  • John Fokker (NHTCU)
  • Rachel Marbus (KPN)
  • Duncan Campbell
  • Marietje Schaake (Member of the European Parliament)
  • Aral Balkan
  • Daniel Bernstein
  • Brenno de Winter
  • Speakers from NCTV, NCSC, NFI, TNO, OWASP, Bits of Freedom, Cyber Security Council, and many many others.
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