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Breaking into your smart home: the Hacker Playhouse

Technology is part of our daily lives, even our homes. But is a smart home actually secure? Not always... The integration of technology exposes our homes to greater cyber risks.

Secura's Hacker Playhouse, a project led by Jasper Nota and Yurii Bilyk, is a pink miniature house full of real-life IoT devices. Jasper and Yurii have chosen popular, freely available devices to furnish the Hacker Playhouse. These devices have one thing in common: they can be hacked. The smart alarm system and the smart front door lock, as well as all the other devices in the house, are actually vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Jasper, Yurii and the rest of their team use the Hacker Playhouse as a demonstration kit. It shows users and manufacturers the risks they face and what can go wrong if malicious hackers or tech-savvy intruders target insecure IoT devices in smart homes.

Read more about the Hacker Playhouse here.

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