Our People

What is it like to work at Secura? Let's hear from our colleagues!

Ralph Moonen

Technical Director

"New technologies are implemented in a rapidly increasing tempo, and we are often asked to test and assess these brand new systems. We are confronted with more complex and important systems, and the newest technologies like facial recognition systems, blockchain applications and IoT devices.

The topics we deal with here are very inspiring and we often form project groups with several disciplines so that we can learn from each other.

We share an attitude of “work hard, play hard.” We deliver very high quality work, however we balance this with a fun, open and casual office vibe and environment. I am extremely proud to work with all Secura’s experts!

Being part of such a team is inspiring and gives me a lot of energy. As our team becomes more and more international, and the projects more complex and challenging, our old-school hacker spirit is certainly not lost, but is shared with all our newcomers!"

Ena Kurtovic

Ena Kurtovic

Senior Security Specialist

"I have been working at Secura for over two years now in the Security Analysts team, and in the Certification team.

What I like the most about this company is the working environment.

A team of knowledgable, supportive and young colleagues ensures that every day at work is enjoyable. What is very rare at a workplace, most of them became my friends. A good vibe while working, feeling at home with people boosts productivity, and knowing that you have support makes one feel secure, and this is something I personally value a lot. Let's not forget the Friday night drinks :)

Different career paths and a large variety of projects allows for continuous learning challenges, which I believe is important for anybody in this field. Education and certification is supported by management. Regarding private life and all difficulties that it sometimes brings, the management is never turning a blind eye, always supportive and understanding."

Secura crew 2
Remco Huisman

Remco Huisman

Senior Account Manager

"I have been working for Secura for quite some time since 2002. In these years I have seen the company (formerly known as Madison Gurkha) grow and change considerably. We were a purely Dutch small hacky company. We now are a larger company with a wide services portfolio where talented people from many nationalities work and where we do more interesting, larger, challenging and international projects. We have also developed products and are an accredited Common Criteria and BSPA lab.

Working for a very small company is nice, but I also like all the possibilities and opportunities of the present time. Despite the growth, we are still far from a corporate culture and we kept our hacky genes. We have a very flat organization where there is room for initiative, entrepreneurship and R&D. We are organized in small market groups that focus e.g. on the government, finance, industrial and high-tech sector.

I liked working for the small start-up in 2002 and I still very much like working for this larger and successful company so many years later. And I am still not done as I see a very bright future for the company ahead. I hope to welcome many new talented colleagues to help shape this future!"

Mario Sleegers

Mario Sleegers

Principal Security Consultant & IT Auditor

"I like doing IT-audits as well as helping organizations to become more aware of and improve their cybersecurity. You don't see that combination often in companies our size. At Secura, I can be performing DigiD audits in the healthcare sector, while preparing a software development organization for ISO27K certification and also help an automotive organization with the preparations to comply to upcoming cybersecurity regulation. Is this challenging? Yes it is, but that’s what makes every day interesting at Secura!

Besides helping clients as a principal security consultant with my colleagues, I also help shape the future of our organization by supporting our sales team with content expertise in client meetings, setting up new services and of course helping and training our junior staff to grow!"

Roy Stultiens 1

Roy Stultiens

Security Specialist

I started at Secura as an intern, to write my thesis and get better connected to the cybersecurity world. Without any prior experience in a security company, this was a warm welcome.

During my research there were many knowledgeable colleagues who could help and support me. Working together with experts in the field is a joy and was a motivational boost for writing my thesis. I never felt like being ‘the intern’, you are treated and respected as an employee.

What I like the most was the open and friendly working environment. From the moment you join, you are immediately ‘part of the group’ and get emerged in all activities. Everybody is open for a conversation and will help you out if you get stuck or just want to know more about a topic. I was very happy when Secura offered me a contract to become a full employee after my internship.

Since then I can work on complex assessments and keep developing my security skills through certifications and training courses. I really like how Secura offers many opportunities for personal growth and motivates employees to keep learning and expanding their knowledge.

Secura crew