Community Grant Proposal

Secura has always been a part of the European security community. As such, we have sponsored many organizations and played an active role in hacker-related events. We are continuing this tradition, and wish to make the procedure for applying for a community grant clear.

If you are organizing an event in the security community and want Secura to sponsor your event or organization, please send a motivational email to us, at In this email you should clearly state what you want from us (money, promotion on social media or possibly a little article in our ‘SecurAware’ quarterly), and what your organization or event is all about.

If we decide to honor your grant application, we ask in return that we can use your name and the fact that we sponsor you in our publications, and that you make it known in your publications and media exposure that Secura is one of your sponsors. We will provide logos and texts for this.

As our community grant budget is limited, please understand that we can not honor all requests, even though we might be supportive of your organization. In 2017, Secura has already decided to sponsor or participate in the following events and organizations, among others: HITB, SHA, Bits of Freedom.