Internet of Things - A big shift towards cybersecurity

Raising cyber resilience for your products and ensuring your compliance needs

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A big shift towards cybersecurity

While smart devices were once all about adding more features, there's now a big shift towards cybersecurity. This shift is crucial, because today's IoT (Internet of Things) extends beyond gadgets. It now includes cars, medical devices, and industrial gear, making cyberattacks more serious. Let Secura help you with evaluation, compliance, and certification.


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Securing the IoT Domain

For a long time, the IoT domain lacked clear standards and frameworks to help manufacturers build security into their products. Now, that time is over. Currently, there are many internationally recognized standards, frameworks, and certification programs. Several standards stand out in this field.

  • The IEC 62443 series is the go-to standard for industrial cybersecurity, including components and systems.
  • For medical devices, UL 2900 is the reference standard.
  • The ETSI EN 303 645 standard, recently completed, is the main reference for consumer IoT products.
  • Additionally, ISO 21434 is gaining recognition as an essential standard for cybersecurity processes in connected vehicles.

Support and Preparation

Starting the journey to product compliance begins with thorough preparation. For instance:

  • In vehicle development, manufacturers must prioritize meeting regulatory requirements early on to market their vehicles successfully.
  • This approach is also crucial for medical devices, which face strict security regulations.
  • Secura offers support through design reviews and recommendations to help manufacturers comply with standards for consumer IoT, network components, or industrial products.
  • Moreover, we provide preparation services for international certifications like Common Criteria or IEC 62443, available to interested manufacturers.


Showing that your product meets international standards is a great way to boost its market presence and prove its security strength. Secura offers testing and compliance services for various standards, tailored to different product types.

  • For industrial products, getting tested and compliant with IEC 62443 can significantly enhance market recognition.
  • For medical devices, starting with UL 2900 compliance sets a solid foundation.
  • In consumer products, standards like ETSI EN 303 645 or IoT Security Foundation serve as excellent benchmarks for testing.
  • Additionally, ISO 21434 is a well-regarded standard for automotive cybersecurity that manufacturers can aim to meet.


Getting an official certification is the top way to show a product is secure. This isn't just about passing tests; it's about having an accredited organization or government review and approve the test results. Secura helps manufacturers with various certification programs, tailored to their products.

  • The Common Criteria certification is recognized worldwide, making products more appealing to local governments and major buyers.
  • In the Netherlands, Secura offers support for the BSPA evaluation, a simpler alternative to Common Criteria.
  • We also assist vehicle manufacturers in getting approval under UNECE regulations on Cybersecurity (R155) and Software Updates (R156).
  • For industrial systems, certification can be achieved through the IECEE scheme, based on IEC 62443.
  • Consumer IoT products can go for ETSI EN 303 645 certification.

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