Cyber Security Services for Product Manufacturers in Automotive

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Cybersecurity is a fundamental matter in the Automotive industry. Everyone has to deal with cyber threats. The difference will be made by those companies that are better prepared, equipped and matured in dealing with those threats. Let Secura help you.

Secura | Bureau Veritas is a listed company and world leader in testing, inspection and certification services. We have experts in UNECE 155 / 156, ISO 21434, Common Criteria, ETSI EN 303 645 or NIS2 and IEC62443.

Cybersecurity isn’t just about a ‘check in a box’, but a cultural evolution your company will engage in to become cybersecurity mature and be able to cope with all type of cyber related threats.

Regulations follow changes, your way to prepare your production, ecosystem and clients will determine how valuable you are as leader within your industry.

Raising Cyber Resilience of Manufacturers in Automotive

Your Challenges

  • How to meet the regulatory requirements from an early phase, to ensure that the vehicles can be afterwards placed on the market.
  • Making of a necessity a business advantage: cyber ready companies are more competitive, and requirements are become a must in open calls.
  • Addressing the weakest link in your company: people education on cyber readiness.

How we support you

Secura is market leader in cyber security since over twenty years. We advised large and medium sized financial institutions all over the world to raise their cyber resilience. Our security experts originate from over 23 countries, since digital attacks, and protection against them, know no boundaries.

We have a strong background in working with automotive manufacturers. Leading OEMS, Tier 1, 2 and other players within the Automotive industry trust us as a partner when it comes to security testing.

Our areas of expertise

Secura is the most recognized party for providing vehicle manufacturers with official UNECE audits. , based on which compliance of the cybersecurity/software updates processes can be determined, as well as obtaining type approval for vehicle types.

  • R155/R156 Consultancy and Support
    Secura is a leader on UNECE regulations on cybersecurity (R155) and software updates (R156). As a preparation for the official UNECE audits, Secura can:

- Support you with organizing workshops to... @Antonio: Workshops for what?
  - Perform pre-audits and gap analyses. 
- Conduct tailored testing services, in line with the requirements of the regulations.

  • ISO/SAE 21434 Consultancy and Support

ISO/SAE 21434 is one of the currently most relevant standards for the automotive domain. Under this standard, automotive manufacturers as well as components suppliers can develop a high quality Cyber Security Management System (CSMS). The evidence resulting from this CSMS can serve as a strong basis for fulfilling the applicable UNECE regulations.

@Antonio: how do we support this?

Amongst the first five in the world to provide R155/R156 technical services

Y2Y growth

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Partners of Secura

Cybersecurity is more than technology alone. Secura collaborates with partners in compliance and risk management, integrated application security, privacy, IT- and internet law and certification.