ENISA Highlights the Importance of Enhanced Cyber Crisis Management

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Source: European Agency for Cybersecurity

Urgent Call for EU-Wide Cyber Resilience

This week, the European Union Agency for Cyber Security (ENISA) has spotlighted the urgent need for strengthened cyber crisis management across the EU. A comprehensive press release "Geopolitics Accelerates Need For Stronger Cyber Crisis Management" and a best practice guide on the topic have been published on ENISA's official website.

Executive Insights on Cybersecurity

Juhan Lepassaar, the Executive Director of ENISA, emphasizes the collective effort required for robust cybersecurity, stating: "Sharing best practices for Member States is a step in successfully strengthening cyber crisis management. This report serves as a tool to assist with implementing the provisions of the NIS2 Directive. Crisis management processes for business continuity are paramount.”

Strategic and Technical Alignment

Our company's recent contributions to the dialogue on cyber crisis management have been acknowledged in conjunction with ENISA's latest findings. A critical focus of our discussion has been the 'overcoming the gap between the strategic and technical levels,' which is key to effective cyber crisis management.

EU-Wide Best Practices for Cybersecurity

ENISA's best practice guide presents a unified approach to cyber crisis management, aiming to bolster the overall cybersecurity posture of EU Member States. It highlights the necessity of collaboration and knowledge-sharing to combat cyber threats efficiently.

Moving Forward with Cyber Resilience

The guidance provided by ENISA, along with our expert analysis, is intended to steer governments and enterprises toward improved cyber crisis preparedness and response. It is a step towards ensuring a more secure and resilient digital future for all Member States.

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