Highlights from the EU Cyber Acts Conference

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Anna Prudnikova, Manager Cybersecurity at Secura/Bureau Veritas Group took center stage at the EU Cyber Acts Conference in Brussels. She delivered an insightful presentation titled "Charting the Course: Navigating Maritime Cybersecurity". Her expertise and vision provided perspectives on safeguarding our maritime industry in the digital age.

Cyber Resilience Act Approved

This week has been monumental for cybersecurity, because the Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) has been approved by the European Parliament with 517 votes in favor, 12 against and 78 abstentions. The CRA is the legal framework that describes the cybersecurity requirements for hardware and software products with digital elements placed on the market of the European Union.


Quote by

Razvan Venter

Manager Market Group Product Manufacturers

Secura/Bureau Veritas

‘Protecting Europe from real and current cyber threats: that is the driving force behind the EU’s Cyber Resilience Act. How will the CRA impact your organization?’

Other speakers

It wasn't just Anna who made impactful contributions at the EU Cyber Acts Conference. We also benefited from insightful presentations by distinguished speakers such as Wolfgang Steinbauer, SVP Head of Crypto and Security at NXP Semiconductors, and Eloïse Ryon, Senior manager Europe Digital Policy (Global) at Schneider Electric.

Wolfgang Steinbauer's talk "How does regulation fit in a secure connected world?" challenged us to keep pace with technological advancements without rendering new EU certification standards obsolete.

Eloïse Ryon, on the other hand, delved into "The regionalization of cybersecurity policy: The end of international cybersecurity standards?". She highlighted the critical balance between regional initiatives and the need for international cybersecurity standards to prevent fragmentation and encourage global adoption.

As we move forward, it's clear that collaboration, innovation, and a balanced approach to regulation and standardization are key to building a resilient digital Europe. Let's raise our cyber resilience together.


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How to navigate the cyber resilience act

The Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) is a new EU cybersecurity legislation. It is designed to make sure any product with digital elements is developed more securely, ultimately protecting consumers all over Europe. The Cyber Resilience Act introduces mandatory cybersecurity requirements for hardware and software products, throughout their entire life cycle.

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