Insight on AI cybersecurity at FIC in Lille

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Roundtable participants: Herve Le Jouan, Sebastien Viou, Deepak Dube, Anna Prudnikov, Patrick Menez.

Proud to share insights from Anna Prudnikova, Cybersecurity Manager at Secura/Bureau Veritas Group. At the Forum InCyber Europe (FIC) in Lille she joined the round table on the topic "How do we assess and “standardize” AI safety?".

In the panel discussion, Anna emphasized the critical role of standards, regulations, and frameworks in shaping the future of AI. With AI being a complex form of software that encompasses vast amounts of data, it inherits the vulnerabilities traditional software faces. The intricacy and scale of AI require a robust approach to ensure the entire chain is secure.

The message from the participants in the round table was clear: Innovation in AI must be controlled and guided with a comprehensive strategy. This involves not only embracing the latest technology, but also strengthening the backbone of AI with solid security practices.

Let's continue to foster innovation in AI, ensuring it's both groundbreaking and secure.