Secura's Inge Wetzer presents new research at ONE Conference

Analyzing behavior to raise your people's cyber resilience

"How can we help people behave more securely in the digital world?" This is a question psychologist Inge Wetzer has worked on for two decades.

At the ONE Conference, she presented her latest research into raising people's cyber resilience. Her focus: the role of self efficacy, or confidence in your own ability, and the role of organizational culture.

Inge: "Over the past decade, we've come to understand that people play a critical role in cybersecurity, right alongside technology and processes. Psychology has made a key impact by showing us that awareness isn't enough when it comes to the human aspect. There's a clear difference between knowing the right thing to do and actually doing it."


When it comes to building self-efficacy, the most powerful driver is mastery experiences. Have you successfully completed a similar task before? If you have, you will likely feel confident about tackling it again.

An important key to safe behavior is "interaction" instead of "presentation". Read the full article here.

Insights and Takeaways from ONE Conference

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