One Year to NIS2 Compliance - The Countdown Begins

Attention, the NIS2 regulation will be in effect one year from today on October 17th 2024. While a year may seem ample, achieving compliance is a detailed process. Check out our LinkedIn Post for more details and comments.

Why NIS2?

NIS2, Network and Information Security 2, aims to bolster cybersecurity for essential and important organizations in the European Union. It is applicable to a long list of sectors, like Digital Providers, Healthcare, Public Administration and more. Non-compliance carries substantial financial penalties.

Time is of the Essence

Between Risk Assessments, Awareness Trainings, and other requirements, the clock is ticking. Don't underestimate the effort that needs to be taken to implement NIS2. Start today.

How We Can Assist

If navigating NIS2 complexities seems daunting, we're here to help you. Check out our NIS2 services page.

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