Ransomware? Back online in no time

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Joeri Blokhuis (l) and Rickey Gevers from responders.NU

'99% of the calls we get are about ransomware', says Rickey Gevers, incident response specialist. Is your business dealing with ransomware? Facing demands for money with your key systems down?

Rickey Gevers and Joeri Blokhuis from Responders.NU are Secura's partners in handling such incidents. They're experts at dealing with ransomware threats and talking to the attackers. They have been helping businesses fight ransomware for 13 years. Since the summer of 2023, they have been working with us at Secura to handle these issues.

'All kinds of companies call us', says Gevers, 'from the barbershop on the corner to the largest companies in the Netherlands. We are known in the market for our quick response and trustworthiness. Sometimes we really can solve a ransomware case within two hours.'

Together, we can make sure ransomware doesn't keep your business down for long.

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