SANCUS Project

On the 17th and 18th of May 2022, the 7th plenary meeting of the SANCUS project took place in Athens, Greece. For the first time since the beginning of the project, the partners within the consortium, including Secura, were able to meet in person and exchange information and ideas.

Meeting Sancus

About the SANCUS Project

The SANCUS project is an EU-Funded Project with 15 partners from 8 European countries, aiming to integrate contemporary technologies for automated security validation and verification, dynamic risk assessment, AI/ML processing, security emulation and testing, with unique optimization modeling. During the 7th meeting, partners were updated on the progress of each work package with a focus on the overall project implementation.

5G and Vulnerabilities in Software | Secura's Involvement


Within the SANCUS project, Secura is a leader of a work package focusing on validation and verification of firmware and open source platforms at code level. Our focus is to identify potential vulnerabilities of firmware of embedded devices by analyzing it on the bytecode level. We are developing 2 engines which are used to extract the firmware of the embedded device and further perform deep analysis to find bugs.

5G is expected to infuse our environment with an intelligence that can evaluate and respond to us, ultimately transforming how we interact with our day-to-day surroundings, involving trillions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, smart cars, homes and buildings, augmented and virtual reality, healthcare and mission-critical applications, among others. The fundamental structure of this cyber ecosystem is, most likely, prone to several – yet undiscovered – security threats. As the 5G technology is new, separate parts of firmware are added on top of typical embedded devices firmware which could potentially include additional bugs, this is where Secura's experts step in.

Sancus group corners

The SANCUS project will last three years and will develop a contemporary network testbed prototype built on latest 5G and cloud-native system setting and run three pilot use cases for examining the scheme performance across Firmware, Virtualization and Management software layers.

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